Scheme of Arrangement

Following are the documents regarding Demerger.:

Sr.No. Particulars For Download
1 Draft Scheme of Arrangement
2 Valuation Report
3 Report from the Audit Committee recommending the Draft Scheme
4 Fairness Opinion
5 Pre and Post Shareholding Pattern
6 Audited Financials of last 3 years
7 Quarterly compliance Report on Corporate Governance
8 Compliance Report as per Annexure IV
9 Auditor’s Certificate as per Para (5)
10 Complaint Report as per Annexure III
11 Brief details of the resulting and demerged companies as per Annexure V
12 Networth certificates
13 Capital evolution details of the resulting and demerged company
14 Confirmation by the Managing Director
15 Statutory Auditor's Certificate confirming the compliance of the accounting treatment etc.
16 Undertaking Reg 11 LODR
17 PercentageOfNetworth CA Certificate
18 Observation Letter

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